A New Twist On Vision Panels      

Clinical, low maintenance vision panels have long been an integral part of sterile hospital environments and pharmaceutical laboratory facilities. Despite the basic nature of such features, the UK’s leading manufacturer of components for clean rooms and high containment facilities, are at the forefront in improving design to increase functionality and clarity for the user. Continuing its programme of product improvement and value enhancement, PBSC has recently launched the latest in a long line of proven vision panels, now with an integrated blind that is far easier to operate. The panels are laser cut from stainless steel in a one-piece frame thus avoiding awkward joints and crevices and incorporate 2mm architrave flush glazing. Edges are sharpsquare, not bevelled, ensuring no dirt collection and thus eliminating one possible source of contamination.

PBSC already made probably the best vision panels available anywhere in the industry and now the standard has been raised once more. An integral blind is included, with an ingenious magnet-operated control now set in the base of the panel for quick access and ease of operation - shutter twist and raise/lower functions are standard. There are no visible fixings on the vision panel - a screen-printed border on the glass hides such detail, although this can be omitted if aesthetics are not crucial. The interior reveal liners can be stainless steel or white PVC. Options include fire-rated or non-fire-rated, and sizes range from 380mm2 to 1m2 clear view. For the triple-glazed fire-rated panels a minimum wall thickness of 170mm is required, whilst only 60mm is needed for the double glazed non fire-rated panels. Customers can now have PBSC’s renowned components at a price to suit most budget constraints due to the continued R&D into the use of alternative materials with no loss of aesthetics or function.

PBSC supplies clean room doors, cleanroom glass doors, stainless steel doors, fire-rated doors, vision panels, transfer hatches, pass-through chamber, emergency escape panels, cleanroom furniture and lifting trolleys. The company has done extensive work within the chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries and all installations will perform under the most stringent circumstances.



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